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You do not buy the front doors to your house or flat very often. Maybe once or twice in a lifetime. Therefore the selection of the right front door should be given matter.

You can choose the entrance doors of materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, or combinations thereof. There are several things to consider when buying a front door, which should not be disregarded.

The Doors must be:

  • Resistant– front door will be opened regularly and thus stressed on a daily basis, so they must be of high quality materials and profiles to withstand anything,
  • Safe – the safety of your front door depends on their safety class. These classes range from 1 to 6,
  • With good thermal insulation properties – not only windows, but also doors must close and retain heat.


Ideal for your house would be if they were the doors of the same material, from what your windows are made. So everything will be aesthetically matched.

Choosing the right material depends only on you. Plastic doors are the most affordable, but with them, it is also likely that you are going to need to change them. The wooden doors, on the other hand, if you treat them with correct and regular care, may not need to be changed for a very long time.

Aluminum represents cooler Nordic elegance for which, however, you have to pay something extra. But it is true that thanks to aluminum you can count with the best thermal insulation and aluminum doors will not let escape even a single unit of heat. And if you have a problem with colder appearance of aluminum doors, you can choose a variety of imitations.