Aluminium doors

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Profile systems of aluminum doors

Aluminium doors is available in five basic variants, according to their purpose. Customers will find both - fully insulated systems and the door for partially heated spaces or suitable for indoor use.

- 3-chamber aluminum door system
- The design satisfies the requirements for thermal insulation
- High energy savings
- Aluminium profile with thermal break
- High-grade sealing system - high-volume multi-chamber center gasket - provides greater acoustic and thermal insulation and tightness, internal central seal creates a perfect rain barrier
- Fitting with triple glazing and special foam insulation as standard - Ideal for family houses and residential buildings

- 3-chamber aluminum system for doors
- Double glazing as standard, but possible to improve thermal insulation by using triple glazing upon request
- Construction depth of frame and door leaf is 72 mm, 150 mm height for trench
- The middle chamber and sash are filled with insulating foam
- Functional joint of aluminum doors OTHERM is double sealed
- Heat transfer coefficient door frame Uf = 1.8 W / m2 K
- Suitable for commercial and office buildings and houses

- Insulated system for sliding doors
- Sash weight up to400 kg
- Lift & Slide ("lift and shift") ensures maximum tightness against wind and water
- Multi-chamber profiles with thermal break using fiberglass reinforced with polyamide
- Sliding doors 2-rail and 3-rail
- Construction depth for 2-rail frame is 164 mm, and 256 mm for 3-rail frame
- Construction depth for sash is 72 mm
- The system can be combined with systems Standard Metallic and Metallic Exclusive

- 3-chamber aluminum door system
- Thermal breaks
- Construction depth of frame and door leaf 72 mm, face width combinations 147 mm, height of trench 150 mm
- Heat transmission coefficient of the frame Uf = 2.2 W / m2 K
- Functional joint of aluminum doors OTHERM is sealed in two stages
- System for partially heated space
- It is especially suitable as an entry portal for prefabricated houses or wall entrance to the premises where considered partial heating

- Bare system for indoor use
- Unicameral system of high quality aluminum alloy
- Profile depth of 67 mm
- Allows single-pane glazing and double glazing
- Suitable for interior partitions and walls

Featuring great color and shape variability, it is now possible to customize the appearance of the building. Modern and reliable door hardware ensures a high level of safety that already comes in standard package. Entrance portals can also be equipped with security systems, locks, electronic locks and card-operated or automatic opening.