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Casement windows - history will live on

If you are dealing with reconstruction of the house in the historic part, you need to proceed sensitively with regard to unique look of the building. At the same time, however, the reconstruction must meet the demands of modern living. Casement windows meet all these requirements. The windows are also suitable where it is necessary to adapt the building distinctive features of the landscape.

- Classic round shape
- Universally applicable design

- Decoratively milled outer profile
- Rustic look

Design: flat, recessed
Material: spruce, pine
Building depth frame: 52
Wing construction depth: 52
Overall depth: customized
Visual width of mullion: 116
Height glazing bars: 18
Seal system: 2x TPE

  • Total construction depth according to customer requirements
  • Frame and sash construction depth 52 mm
  • Adjustable fittings, the possibility of folding windows by tilting the wings
  • Standard wood material – spruce and pine
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties and noise isolation
  • A wide range of colors
  • Selection of accessories for adjusting the historical style of windows
  • Two design variants


Casement windows are designed to meet the most demanding thermal insulation requirements and demands for noise isolation. Wide range of stylish accessories gives the opportunity to fine-tune the appearance to the last detail.