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Plastic windows GAMA EVO, is a leading 6-chamber profile with a depth of 82 mm with central insulation, which provides excellent functional characteristics. It is suitable for all types of houses, including low-energy houses.

Frame construction depth: 82 mm
Wing construction depth: 123 mm
Number of chambers: 6
Number of seals: 3
The seal system: central
Building shapes: Rectangular, triangular

Ug = 1.1 / 1.1*
Ug = 1,0 /1.1*
Ug = 0.6 /0.78*
Ug = 0.5 /0.71*
* Value calculated as required by the new program "Green savings"

The elegant curved design of the frame and sash makes it ideal for use in modern buildings and renovations of family houses and flats.

Besides the high level of insulation that these windows provide, they also have increased protection against burglary, provided by massive construction and two safety caps that come as standard.

GAMA EVO are windows with attractive rounded design and in addition to the basic white color also also offered in a wide range of colors including wood decors.