IV96 Classic

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IV96 Classic

Based on classic euro-windows, made of three joists glued together. The windows can be ordered double-glazed or triple-glazed, with excellent thermal insulation properties. When equipped with triple-glazed, windows meet the recommended values for low-energy and passive houses. There is also a variant with thermally insulated cladding.

Design: flat, recessed
The outer surface: aluminium
The inner surface: wood
Frame construction depth: 96 mm
Wing construction depth: 120 mm
Visual width of floating mullion: 130 mm
Visual width of mullion: 184 mm
Number of seals: 2
Building shapes: rectangular, slanted

Ug = 1.1/1.1
Ug = 1.0/1.1
Ug = 0.6/0.79
Ug = 0.5 /0.72

  • Construction depth window 96 mm
  • Three-layer glued joist of spruce, pine, oak or meranti
  • Options with joist jointed or non-jointed
  • Aluminum cladding in a classic design with indented leaf
  • Optional thermal insulation aluminum sheathing
  • Deep fitting of the glass in the profile construction reduces the formation of condensate
  • Insulating double or triple with choice of parameters
  • Warm frame in standard
  • Three sealing planes prevent leaks during rain or bad weather
  • Perimeter fittings SIGENIA AUBI with two safety stops for extra security against burglary
  • The most common profile is suitable for all types of buildings


The standard is made of jointed or non-jointed joists of following types of wood – spruce, pine, oak.
Also available in version Luxury version – Meranti which comes as non-jointed only.