IV96 Integral

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IV96 Integral

Wood-Aluminum windows INTEGRAL IV96 have the window frame completely hidden behind the aluminum cladding, which gives it a very interesting and attractive appearance. Particularly suitable profile for construction of modern buildings. They are available in high-quality glazing and triple glazing profile that meets the values recommended for low-energy and passive buildings.

Design: flat stacked
The outer surface: aluminium
The inner surface: wood
Frame construction depth: 90 mm
Wing construction depth: 120 mm
Visual width of floating mullion: 130 mm
Visual width of mullion: 184 mm
Number of seals: 2
Building shapes: rectangular, slanted

Ug = 0.6/0.79
Ug = 0.5 /0.72

  • Frame completely hidden behind the aluminum cladding
  • Design eliminates leakage during the rain
  • Basic euro-window in spruce, pine, oak, meranti
  • Joined or non-joined variant of wooden slats
  • Construction depth of 90 mm
  • Deep fitting of glass in the construction prevents formation of condensate
  • Warm frame with double or triple glazing insulation
  • Three seals to protect the interior from harsh weather
  • Enhanced security with all-perimeter forging SIGENIA AUBI
  • Suitable for low energy houses
  • Particularly suitable for use in modern buildings


Fully integrated wing together with the seal in an aluminum casing, provide the window with great protection against bad weather conditions.

Euro window, which forms the basis of the profile can be produced from spruce, pine and oak, both in jointed and non-jointed versions. Only meranti comes exclusively as non-jointed.