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Aluminum windows METALIC PANEL are the best choice in public spaces that are only partially heated. They are mostly to be found used is in the common entrance area of prefabricated residential houses and commercial premises.

Frame construction depth: 72 mm
Wing construction depth: 80 mm
Thermal transmittance of the frame Uf : 2.17 W/m2k

The three-compartment aluminium door and window system featuring a thermal break, meets the demands for use in highly stressed environments like building entrances. Door system is so designed that well defended ingress of dust, moisture and cold air into the space of the house. The panel of the system are manufactured with openable windows and doors openable and tilting.

Quality aluminum profile ensures that with minimum maintenance has virtually unlimited lifetime. All components of aluminum METALIC PANEL resist damage from rough handling and provide optimum solutions wherever there is a high frequency of use.

Entrance doors can be controlled via a smart card systems, which represent a modern way to guarantee security of the house.