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Aluminum windows METALIC STANDARD are a smart choice suitable for commercial and office buildings and family houses.

Frame construction depth: 72 mm
Wing construction depth: 80 mm
Thermal transmittance of the frame Uf : 1.62 W/m2k

Functional joint is sealed in two stages. Large multi-chamber center gasket sealing provides excellent insulation properties of the profile. The insulation can be even increased by ordering the window with triple glazing. There is also a special foam insulation beneath the glazing to improve the properties of this profile even more. The windows are equipped with microventilation as standard. Balcony doors are usually equipped with a mechanical latch.

The main advantage of aluminum windows is the extraordinary stability of the profile without the need for extra care. Their lifespan of the profile is virtually unlimited. Excellent profile properties are underlined by use of security fittings Sigenia AUBI, which provides long-term trouble-free operation.