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Plastic windows PASIV EVO reflect the product requirements for low-energy and passive buildings. The design is characterized by classic, clean lines.

Frame construction depth: 82 mm
Wing construction depth: 123 mm
Number of chambers: 6, insulating sleeve in the frame and wing
The seal system: Midfield

Ug = 1.1 / 1.1*
Ug = 1,0 /1.0*
Ug = 0.6 /0.77*
Ug = 0.5 /0.70*
* Value calculated as required by the new program "Green savings"

Excellent insulation properties are acquired by using a unique steel reinforcement with thermal break, while maintaining the strength properties. The hardened resin is integrated directly into the support.

Chambers in the frame and sash are filled with special thermal insulating lining of highly cross-linked polyethylene. Moreover, these inserts are provided with an aluminium foil which reflects heat and acts as a heat mirror.

The internal seal provides excellent insulation properties. Two safety stops come as standard and provide greater security against burglary.

This profile is offered in wood decors and other color variations to satisfy even the most demanding customers.