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Plastic windows PERFEKT EVO are designed for use in places with higher wind loads, moisture and noise. Three sealing layers per profile with extended construction depth of 82 mm offer perfect protection even in toughest conditions.

Frame construction depth: 82 mm
Wing construction depth: 123 mm
Visual width of floating mullion: 180 mm
Visual width of mullion: 196
Number of chambers: 6
Number of seals: 3

Ug = 1.1 / 1.1*
Ug = 1,0 /1.0*
Ug = 0.6 /0.78*
Ug = 0.5 /0.71*
* Value calculated as required by the new program "Green savings"

The timeless design of this profile with precise and clear contours suits every type of construction. SIGENIA high grade fittings – AUBI, ensure enhanced burglary resistance thanks to increased safety caps on the wing.
These class A profiles are manufactured in Germany and with the high quality galvanized steel reinforcements in the frame and sash, the OTHERM PERFEKT EVO windows, provide excellent dimensional stability even for large window elements and assemblies.

The profile design offers high-quality insulation with double or triple glazing up to a total glazing thickness of 48 mm. The features and specifications of this profile are designed especially for low-energy and passive buildings.